Supported Platforms and Compilers

Windows 7/10 32/64-bit, Visual Studio 2015 32/64-bit with Update 3. Please make sure that your Visual Studio is up to date.


The installer provided below installs prerequisites for DART and sets the PATH environment variable.

Visual Studio 2015

The prerequisites installed by this installer are:

  • Assimp
  • Boost 1.58 (components: regex, systems)
  • libccd
  • Eigen
  • FCL
  • GLUT
  • tinyxml
  • tinyxml2
  • urdfdom
  • urdfdom_headers
  • console_bridge

We recommend not changing the default install location (C:/Golems/).


You will also need CMake to create the build environment for your system. Download CMake 3.1.3 or later for your system here:

nlopt (optional)

Download precompiled 32-bit or 64-bit Windows DLL files and extract the zip file to a particular directory, e.g., C:/dart-prerequisites/. When you configure cmake, set NLOPT_INCLUDE_DIRS and NLOPT_LIBRARY_DIRS to the directory.

TortoiseGit or SmartGit (optional)

To download the source code using GIT we recommend using TortoiseGit or SmartGit.

DART Source

Using GIT

If you have a GIT client installed, clone the DART repository. Checkout the tagged version with the highest version number. To do that, choose “Switch/Checkout…” from the TortoiseGit context menu. In the window that appears select the “Tags” option and choose the highest version number from the drop-down menu.

If you are developing DART or want to stay up-to-date with the most recent development (at the expense of using an untested version), just stay on the master branch instead of checking out a tagged version.

Download as zip file

Go to the tag page and download the source code for the highest version number. Unpack it.

Generate Project Files

Run CMake (cmake-gui). Select the directory where you downloaded DART. Name a directory where you want the Visual Studio project files to be placed. You should probably place it under the DART directory, e. g. [DART directory]\build

Click “Configure” and choose your development environment (Visual Studio 14).

If you did not install the DART prerequisites in the default install location, you need to change CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to your install location and click “Configure” again.

Click “Generate”

Build and Install

The previous process should create Visual Studio project files. Open [DART directory]\build\dart.sln. Choose the “Release” configuration. Right click on the “INSTALL” project and choose “Build”. This will build and install DART in C:\Golems or the install location you chose. Do the same for the “Debug” configuration.